Saffir-Simpson (SS) hurricane wind scale

Article Title: Saffir-Simpson (SS) hurricane wind scale


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Why is in news? Tropical cyclones of higher intensity demand a new category

Tropical Cyclones:

Tropical cyclones are intense low-pressure areas confined to the area lying between 30°N and 30° S latitudes, in the atmosphere around which high-velocity winds blow

Horizontally, it extends up to 500-1,000 km and vertically from the surface to 12-14 km.

It is energised by the release of latent heat on account of the condensation of moisture that the wind gathers after moving over the oceans and seas.

Tropical cyclones are powerful and destructive weather systems that form over warm tropical ocean basins, where sea surface temperatures are above 26.5 degree C.

These storms are characterised by strong winds, heavy precipitation and storm surges and can cause significant damage to coastal communities and infrastructure.