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Perunthalaivar K. Kamarajar on Education

Perunthalaivar K. Kamarajar on Education

Kumaraswami Kamaraj born on July 15th 1903 in Virudhunagar was a well-known freedom fighter, political leader and former chief minister of Tamil Nadu. He was often referred as Perunthalaivar, Kamarajar and Padikhatha Medhai by the people of Tamil Nadu. Due to his contribution towards education, his birth anniversary is celebrated as ‘Educational Development Day’.

Kamarajar dropped out of school when he was in the sixth grade. When he entered mainstream public life he felt handicapped and realized the importance of a good education. Kamarajar realised that the students of Tamil Nadu were lacking with educational institutions and the parents were reluctant to send their children to school as they never felt the importance of education as he does.

During his tenure as Chief minister, he took steps to end the regressive policy of hereditary based vocational education scheme of Rajaji and took efforts to start schools in almost every village with a population of over 300. He realised the importance of mother tongue and took steps to introduce Tamil as a medium of instruction in schools and colleges.

He introduced free education to poor students and provided uniforms to weed out caste, creed and class distinction among young children.

The most revolutionary change initiated by Kamaraj was the introduction of ‘Midday Meal Scheme’ through which primary school children were provided with one meal in Panchayat and Government run Schools. Due to his efforts and policies, the percentage of school going children in the age group of 6-11 years increased from 45% to 75%. The Mid-Day Meal Scheme has been enhanced by successive governments and has now been adopted across the country.

The present generation of Tamil Nadu owes its educational achievements to Perunthalaivar Kamajarar who laid the foundation for Common Man’s education.

He was posthumously honored with ‘Bharat Rathna’ by the Government of India.

Today Kamaraj IAS Academy, stands tall in its legacy of 14 successful years of being the best IAS Academy in Chennai continuing to inspire and train a plethora of talented students across Chennai! Becoming an IAS officer is a dream for millions and millions of students across India, but why be restricted only to your dreams? Your dreams now have a chance to taste the reality of becoming a successful IAS Officer, with the help of Kamaraj IAS Academy, the leading IAS Coaching in Chennai which delivers its promises and keeps the standards high as always!

A holistic approach with consistent and effective techniques are adopted to ensure that all the students are very well equipped with the latest applicable knowledge. We prepare a comprehensive study material for all our students. Our mentors provide the best guidance and support. Come, become a part of Kamaraj IAS Academy, the Top IAS Academy in Chennai and realise your aspiration of becoming a proud IAS Officer.

At Kamaraj IAS academy we provide end-to-end training that no IAS Academy in Chennai provides. Our students have consistently ranked at the top. All our faculties are dedicated to making the students understand each concept thoroughly.

We are determined to bring out the best in each student and fulfill their dreams of becoming successful IAS officers. Our training starts with basics, we firmly believe that strong foundations lead to strong retention of concepts that results in the best performance.

We are the only IAS academy in India who provide specialised training in Political Science and International Relations with the best faculties who are expert at the subject. We receive thousands of applications from students every year to learn Political Science and International Relations, as no other IAS Coaching academy specialises in these subjects.

We cover each and every topic under Political Science and International Relations in depth and provide actionable reference points for better understanding. Our students have strong Political Science and International Relations subject knowledge which gives them a powerful edge compared to other students! We design and frame curriculums in the simplest way for our students to absorb the concepts easily.

We empower our students with all the infrastructural and informational assets to equip them with a conducive learning environment that encourages them to push their limits and deliver beyond their expectations. Right from the regular assessment tests that we conduct on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, to the essay writing practices and answer writing practices. We constantly refresh the concepts to the students for better recollection and efficient understanding. We provide both offline and online training for our students. Our online training simulates the sophisticated classroom experience and enables efficient interaction and learning. Being the leading Top IAS Coaching in Chennai, we pioneer in developing solid teaching methods and techniques by constant experimentation and we derive useful teaching methods that make learning enjoyable.

As a Top IAS Academy in Chennai, we make sure that we go one extra mile and give our students powerful leverage by including guest lectures from eminent personalities from several industries who share their valuable expertise to the students that will help them develop critical thinking and analytical abilities. We keep a sharp focus on the current news and trending issues to make our students abreast of the latest updates and more.

We conduct mock personal interview preparations and group discussions to impart our student's great communication skills. Being amongst the Top 10 IAS Coaching Centres in Chennai we enable interactive learning sessions by the peer-to-peer discussions, which helps in a healthy learning atmosphere and depth understanding of the concept.

At Kamaraj IAS Academy every student gets our undivided attention. We keep track of every student’s performance and give weekly performance reports plus areas of strength, weakness, and scope of improvement. This helps the candidate do a better SWOT Analysis and understand his/her best potential. We also have an in-house experienced counselor, who is solely dedicated to resolve student queries and provide the best solutions to them. The top-notch resource material that we provide for every subject to our students also includes the best compilation of previous years' IAS questions along with detailed solutions.

Kamaraj IAS Academy is your one-stop destination for Best UPSC Coaching In Chennai. We provide a thoughtful and holistic learning experience that guarantees you the best UPSC exam preparation ever. We create a path of transformation by encouraging our students to share their ideas, opinions, and views on various subject matters.

We believe that the ability to question, think and comprehend will take you a long way in your career. Thus we not only prepare you for the IAS exam, but we also prepare you for your lifelong journey to a fulfilling and successful career by developing your personality and imparting you strong leadership skills that will help you become a successful and proud IAS officer.

Kamaraj IAS Academy, one of the Best UPSC Coaching In Chennai, firmly believes in an engaging style of instruction to achieve great leaders with a deep vision. We make sure to implement an interactive framework that includes your overall growth. Since our batch sizes are small and limited, we get the opportunity to focus on giving the best individual attention and care. This not only helps them professionally but also aids in their personal development. Such personalised attention will encourage you to go one step ahead in understanding the concepts and solving analytical problems that appear in the UPSC examinations.

Kamaraj IAS Academy believes in providing holistic IAS coaching focussing on your overall knowledge development enabling you to become successful at your UPSC exams as well as successful IAS officers. Being one of the Top 10 IAS Coaching Centres in Chennai, we’ve always made sure to provide the best coaching with the help of top IAS tutors across the country. With in-depth syllabus, subjects and curriculums, we break down each topic in simpler means to cover every concept with utmost clarity to enable maximum understanding for our students. We are determined to make your dreams of becoming a successful IAS officer a reality.

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Why Kamaraj IAS Academy?

Kamaraj IAS Academy was established by the Great Grandson of "Perunthalaivar Kamarajar". We offer the best IAS Coaching in Chennai, India and are specialized in Political Science and International Relations.

Consistent Results

We hold remarkable consistency in getting good results in IAS Exams and other Civil Services Examinations.

Individual Attention with Interactive Classes

Individual Attention & quality teaching is a special feature of our academy. The limited number of seats has enabled us to provide individual attention to students.

Best Faculties in India

Well qualified teachers who know the nuances of the civil services exam.In order to enhance your talent, we have well-established staff and faculty members with at least 10 years of experience in the industry.

Special focus on current Affairs

More emphasis on current affairs related topics that gives an edge to the aspirants in the upsc exam.

Quality study materials

Our study materials have precise content that are updated & aligned with latest pattern of UPSC exam. This gives you a better understanding with ease.

Online test series

Online test with detailed explanation, relevant weblinks for further explanation and performance analysis after every test.

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, located in Anna Nagar is widely popular in South India for providing the best IAS Coaching. This is the right platform for civil service aspirants who possess a strong desire to join the elite services like Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, etc.

We are specialized in Political Science and international Relations

optional and General Studies in India. We have produced hundreds of successful Civil Servants since 2006.

We always strive to improve and adhere to our system of guidance in the best possible manner that brings out the best in the candidates so that he or she could compete successfully in civil services examination.

Our study materials and teaching techniques are in line with the current trends in Civil Service Examination. Our Team is continuously engaged in research and development of new study materials and student-friendly techniques to expand and enrich the knowledge base of the students. We have a unique teaching program, IAAP (Individual Assessment and Attention Program) which is a customized teaching technique tailor-made for each and every student. You simply cannot find such teaching excellence anywhere else. Our core team waits to guide you step by step towards the overall excellence that gradually leads to success.

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