Political Science

Political Science and International Relations

It is known as 300+ optional because of its high scoring nature. It is the only optional with highest success ratio in the final selections. It is an intensive classroom/online program with more than 160 hours, spanning around 6 months. The sessions are aimed at improving the understanding of the candidates in all the key concepts and better answer writing. This program has six inbuilt test series which makes it wholistic. The classroom notes and study materials provided would be sufficient to tackle the mains examination.
The entire subject is handled by K.Kamaraj himself, who is the master teacher in Political Science and International Relations. His teaching style and writing techniques would ensure success for the sincere candidates.


  • GS_Paper_I – Areas covered by Political Science
  • Political Science covers nearly 30% of the areas in the General Studies paper I covering 80 marks out of 250 marks.
  • Modern Indian History
  • Freedom Struggle
  • Post – Independence consolidation and reorganization
  • World history – Political Philosophies – Communism, Capitalism, Socialism etc and other areas
  • Effects of Globalization
  • Communalism, regionalism & Secularism
  • GS_Paper_II – Areas covered by political science
  • Political Science contributes to nearly 220 marks out of 250 marks, covering the whole of GS paper – II except the Governance issues.
  • GS_paper_III – Areas covered by political science
  • It covers nearly 80 marks out of 250 marks in the following area:
  • Political Economy – Planning and development
  • Land reforms
  • Effects of liberalization
  • Internal and external security related issues
  • GS_paper_IV Areas covered by political science
  • In this paper Political Science covers nearly 70 marks out of 250 marks in the following areas.
  • Leaders, reformers and administrations
  • Moral and Political attitudes
  • Contributions of moral thinkers and philosophers from India and world
  • Ethical issues in international relations and funding
  • On the whole by opting for political science as the optional subject one gets a fringe benefit of 450 marks out of 1000. Since political science is a dynamic optional which needs regular reading of Newspaper and Magazines one can easily handle the Essay paper for 250 marks. Therefore 1200/1750(700+500 optional) marks in preparing for 500 marks.