Mission Divyastra: Agni-5 Missile with MIRV Technology

Article Title: Mission Divyastra: Agni-5 Missile with MIRV Technology


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Why is in news? One missile, many weapons: What makes the latest Agni-5 special

India on March 11 announced that it had successfully tested a new Agni-5 missile capable of carrying multiple warheads and striking multiple targets. The most important thing about this new missile is its integration with what is known as the MIRV technology.

The successful testing of an Agni-5 Missile equipped with MIRV technology is termed as Mission Divyastra, marks a significant milestone in the nation’s defence capabilities.

March 11’s test was carried out from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Island, off the coast of Odisha, which hosts India’s integrated missile test range. “Various telemetry and radar stations tracked and monitored multiple re-entry vehicles. The mission accomplished the designed parameters,” DRDO said in a statement.

MIRV technology:

MIRV (Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry Vehicle) technology is the capability that allows multiple warheads to be loaded on a single missile delivery system and programmed to hit different targets, thus greatly enhancing the missile’s destructive potential.

The development of MIRV capability marks a significant upgrade for India’s missile systems, and expands its nuclear options.

Traditional missiles carry a single warhead or weapon, that goes and hits the intended target.