Article Title: POST OFFICE ACT 2023


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Provisions of the Post Office Act, 2023

Director General of Postal Services (DGPS) will be appointed to head India Post.

DGPS will have powers to make regulations on matters such as charges for services, supply and sale of postage stamps.

Powers to intercept postal articles: Government can intercept an article transmitted through India Post on specified grounds.

Grounds include security of the State, friendly relations with foreign states, public order, emergency, or public safety.

Exemptions from liability: Post office will not incur any liability with regard to its services, except such liability as may be prescribed with regard to a service provided by the Post Office. There are no penal provisions prescribed in the Act.

Importance of the Act

It creates a simple legislative framework for delivery of citizen centric services, banking services and benefits of Government schemes at the last mile. It enhances the ease of doing business and ease of living.