Article Title: LAM


Science & Technology Current Affairs Analysis

Enterprises globally are adopting Large Action Models (LAMs) that understand complex goals communicated with natural language, and they follow up with autonomous actions to achieve them.

About Large Action Models (LAMs):

  • LAMs areadvanced Artificial Intelligence(AI)models
  • LAMs are designed tounderstand and execute complex tasks,based on what users want.
  • LAMslearn from massive data sets of user action informationand use this data for strategic planning and proactive action in real-time.
  • Byanalysing past and present actions, LAMs canmake educated predictions about future outcomes, thereby assisting in planning, strategy, and real-time decision-making in complex environments.
  • It breaks down complex actions into smaller sub-actions, allowing for efficient planning and execution.
  • Applications: Job application automation, investment portfolio optimisation, personalised social media content creation, etc