Part of both the UPSC Mains exam and Prelims, Science & Technology is among the most dynamic subjects on the syllabus. Topics like biotechnology, health, defense technology, IT, space, and earth sciences are under focus here. While also requiring a good grasp of current affairs, the Science & Technology questions are more inclined towards testing whether you have a broader understanding of the trending and static scientific topics and their application than an in-depth, technical understanding of the same. 

Some of the optional subject choices for the UPSC Mains are also science-based like Psychology, Biology, etc. Subjects with a scientific base have a high-scoring potential, making it vital for you to cover all your bases and prep smartly. That’s why at Kamaraj IAS Academy in Chennai, we’ve created a learning environment that maintains a healthy balance between static and dynamic topics, enabling you to gain practical knowledge which is what is put to test in the finals. That combined with our interactive classes, comprehensive USPC coaching study material, and training from top-notch faculty will ensure you’re in the best position to learn, apply and excel.